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The sports cameras, a success in which not only reigns GoPro

The sports cameras, a success in which not only reigns GoPro

A few years ago, technological advances and the vision of an entrepreneur came together to give place to what are now known as sports cameras, under the name of GoPro. The initial idea of being used to record unique experiences where other cameras could not reach made their success instantaneously, spreading around the world as a new way of viewing the world through a totally different camera concept.

Nowadays the market no longer belongs only to GoPro, since more competitors have decided to make a hole in it due to the great acceptance of these first ones. The good part of all this is that now you can find more cameras and with prices tighter than the originals; The bad, that once was a leading company now seems to have no fixed course or a clear action plan for the future.

Both GoPro and competition companies (Xiaomi, for example) are struggling now to integrate in their devices the greatest possible qualities that make them stand out above the rest. This is somewhat complicated in devices as small as the action cameras, but the news has to be the order of the day - and now that the summer season is closer, more than ever.



Problems after GoPro



As mentioned, the American company is not going through its best moments in these moments. After popularizing this standard of portable cameras, the public seems to have realized that many of the day-to-day occasions do not deserve the expense to buy one of these devices. More than cameras, GoPro often sold the experience that could be lived with one of them through their advertisements, when the daily reality is quite different.

This time of crisis within the company has been increased with more than one written notice in recent months where it highlights its poor financial status, warned of imminent dismissals in the company. The model of releasing new versions of its popular camera year after year does not seem to have been working too well in recent times, which has caused that they have tried - unsuccessfully, at the moment - to explore other ways of product as the drones.

Even so, there are many who are still pending of the launchings of the company and its next Gopro Hero 6, of which at this moment little is known. Just a few characteristics so guess what will be the next big bet for the sports camera market by GoPro, which has not yet unveiled when it will go on sale.


Xiaomi, a very serious rival


Manufacturers of Chinese origin, as in all technology segments, are playing a very important role in recent times of action cameras. With a quality of image and materials very close to what GoPro offers and a lower price, there are many who do not think twice before buying one of their products instead of the best-known brand. Even at some points you can go beyond the GoPro models, offering more for less.

This is the case of the new Xiaomi Yi 4K Plus, a sports camera that includes a digital image stabilizer inside so that the images are sharper than ever, something essential in this type of products. The products launched by these Asian companies that can be bought on Amazon by direct signature are so welcome, without having to resort to intermediaries or stores that could compromise the warranty of the device for not offering support in European territory.


Anyone who needs an action camera these days is lucky, having at their disposal a wide range of possibilities to select the model that best suits their needs. Unless you want results of a professional quality and the use to be given is intensive, you do not need to make a large outlay, as a rule.

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